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Frei Otto. Thinking by Modelling
Frei Otto. Thinking by Modelling
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The global art world 29.80EUR
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The global art world

The global art world : audiences, markets, and museums / Hans Belting, Andrea Buddensieg (eds.). Texts by Emanoel Araùjo .... - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, 2009. - 407 S. : Ill.
ISBN: 978-3-7757-2407-4
Text engl.

The present volume investigates the process of global art production and art consumption and the extent to which it is prompting a critical reevaluation of the notion of mainstream art. The project GAM – Global Art and the Museum was initiated by ZKM│Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany with the aim to explore the impact of art’s globalization on art museums, their audiences, and the art market. Whereas the art market, like its new clientele of collectors from many parts of the world, acts on a global scale, art museums, but also ethnographic museums, operate within a local framework where they encounter audiences from most diverse cultures and societies. The present volume probes deeper into the agenda presented in Volume One in the GAM series, Contemporary Art and the Museum. A Global Perspective, published in 2007 in that it incorporates a rich number of art institutions whose responses to globalization vary strongly from one place to the other, thus contradicting the impression of a nascent global conformism. The definition of global art hinges on a twofold distinction, as contemporary art differs both from modern art and so-called “world art”.The competition with popular mass media and with neo-ethnic traditions of art and crafts puts pressure on its claims to become mainstream art. Part one of the book treats a variety of general questions arising from the new geographical range of art production, while the various contributions in part two document the diversity of art museums with respect to their roles in a regional or urban culture.

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