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Phenotypes/Limited Forms 40.00EUR
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Phenotypes/Limited Forms

Armin Linke and Peter Hanappe

ISBN: 978-3-03778-575-1

Author(s): Armin Linke, Peter Hanappe, in collaboration with ZKM | Karlsruhe and Sony Computer Science Laboratories

With contributions by Estelle Blaschke, Wilfried Kuehn, Vittorio Loreto, Doreen Mende, Peter Weibel

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers, 2018

Design: Laure Giletti and Gregory Dapra

Text: English
18 × 26.5 cm, 364 pages, 2700 illustrations, Paperback

How does the way art is perceived by the public change the meaning of said art and how does the involvement of the audience transform a body of work?
Does the public decide on the relevance of an artwork by the degree of social interaction?
And what happens if the message of an artist is perceived differently by individual viewers?
The installation Phenotypes/Limited Forms addresses these questions by encouraging visitors to pick their favorite subjects out of a total of several hundreds of displayed photographs by photographer Armin Linke, rearrange them, name their sequences and print them.
The publication of the same name acts as an extension of the interactive exhibition and social experiment and analyzes the 30.000 sequences selected by the public.

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